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2 Section Industrial Extension Ladders

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  • 2 Section Industrial Extension Ladders2 Section Industrial Extension Ladders
    2 Section Industrial Extension Ladders

Why Go Anywhere Else When We Offer...

We check our competitors prices daily to ensure you get the best deal. All prices include free delivery to the mainland UK others hide delivery costs until the last moment. We Will Not Be Beaten On Price!
Our Industrial Extension Ladder is fully certified & Kitemarked to BS-EN-2037/Class 1 - passing very stringent & rigorous tests. Made here in the UK, they are the best Extensions Ladders money can buy.
All of our friendly staff are trained to the highest standards and will be able to assist you with any query before you buy. We also have a celebrated after sales service for any help you may require after your purchase.

Learn More About Our Superior Industrial Extension Ladders Below...

  • Inclusive free next day delivery on top of an unbeatable price beware of hidden delivery charges or slow 2,3,4 or even 5 day delivery times!
  • BS2037 (Class 1) tested and certified (Industrial & Trade use) by British Standard for your safety and reassurance
  • Holds the prestigious British Kitemark - so you can be rest assured your ladder has passed an extremely stringent testing process before reaching you.
  • Lightweight alloy construction for ease of use, but very strong - with a massive weight rating of 175kg (27.5 stone)
  • Unique steel locking clamps fitted to lock ladder sections securely in place for your peace of mind and safety. These same clamps keep the ladder closed for easy and safe transportation.
  • X-LARGE Heavy duty extruded 25mm thick 'box' section sides/stiles are built to last a life time.
  • Anti slip 35mm ribbed rungs for your safety and perfect twist-proof rung joint that runs all the way through the side sections for maximum strength. Also the tops of the rungs are flat when the ladder is put at the correct climbing angle for safety and sure footing
  • Extra wide 340mm rungs on the widest section for your comfort and ease when climbing.
  • Effortless push up operation.
  • Ergonomically designed oblong shaped profile giving added safety and comfort
  • Rungs set only 25cm (9.8") apart making the ladder easier and more comfortable to climb. Most other ladders available have rungs 280mm (11") or even 300mm (12") apart making them very hard work to climb.
  • Heavy duty contoured non-slip feet fitted on all sections top and bottom to maximise grip on both the floor and the wall the ladder is resting against.
  • We highly recommend you use a set of Laddertags with your ladder, especially if you are working on site. Laddertags meet the latest health and safety regulations and ensure that you are using your ladder correctly and safely. Many different sets available at great discounted prices if ordered with a ladder - starting from just 9.99!

    • View Price & Product Dimensions Below

      Extended Length Our Unbeatable Price Closed Length Rungs Per Section Weight
      4.25m (1311) 109.99 + Vat & Free Next Day Delivery
      (RRP 299.99)
      2.5m (82) 9 11.55kg
      5.25m (172) 129.99 + Vat & Free Next Day Delivery
      (RRP 319.99)
      3.0m (910) 11 13.6kg
      6.25m (206) 149.99 + Vat & Free Next Day Delivery
      (RRP 339.99)
      3.5m (115) 13 18.65kg
      7.25m (239) 184.99 + Vat & Free Next Day Delivery
      (RRP 359.99)
      4.0m (131) 15 21.25kg
      8.25m (27) 204.99 + Vat & Free Next Day Delivery
      (RRP 379.99)
      4.5m (149) 17 26.25kg
      9.25m (304) 224.99 + Vat & Free Next Day Delivery
      (RRP 399.99)
      5.0m (164) 19 29.45kg
      10.00m (329) 254.99 + Vat & Free Next Day Delivery
      (RRP 419.99)
      5.5m (18) 21 32kg

      Our Extension Ladders are fully certified to the very latest European and UK trade standards. They should not be confused with lighter and non conforming ladders, many of which are supplied with fewer rungs per section to keep the cost down (D Rungs). We are really happy to put our name to this ladder. Buy from THE leading ladder experts - these are the reasons why:

      BPS Industrial Ladder
      Inferior Alternatives
      Delivery FREE & Next Day Costs s and takes several days
      Guarantee FREE Lifetime Guarantee Not normally offered
      Certification Certified to BS2037 (Class 1) - The British industrial Standard Non conforming or unclear
      Rungs/Rung Spacing Rungs set 250mm (9.8) apart for maximum safety and comfort when climbing. Also adds to strength of ladder 280mm (11) or even 300mm(12) between rungs therefore more difficult to climb and ladders more likely to bounce
      Locking Clips Steel Locking Clamps for ease of use and also safer. Specially favoured by occasional ladder users due to extra rigidity that these clamps provide No Clamps or manually operated
      Weight Light enough to handle comfortably yet strong enough for all Industrial/trade use Some very light and others unnecessarily heavy making handling difficult
      Safe Working Load 175kg (27.5 stones) maximum as stated in EN131 Not always clear but often DIY and Trade maximum is only 125-150kg

      Industrial Extension Ladder featuring non slip flat topped rungs so they are level when climbedIndustrial Extension Ladder featuring X-Large 30mm thick stiles / sides on the ladderIndustrial Extension Ladder featuring steel locking clips to keep the ladder sections secured in placeIndustrial Extension Ladder featuring 2x strong steel hooks to hold sections in positionIndustrial Extension Ladder featuring large ribbed non slip rubber feet

Ladder Essentials - Special Offers!
View our range of ladder essentials below you can add these to your order at a discounted price above.

Ladder Stand Off
Complete Ladder Stand Off/Stay

Complete Way Ladder Stand Off/Stay (pictured to left) combines all current technology into one simple standoff solution makes using your ladder that much safer, just 39.99 (normally 49.99 on its own) when ordered with one of our ladders.

Anvil Ladder Clamp
Anvil Roof Clamps

Anvil Roof Rack Ladder Clamps (pictured to left) to safely and easily secure your ladder onto your vehicle, just 14.99 (normally 24.99) when ordered with one of our ladders.

Rhino Roof Rack Safe Clamps
Rhino Roof Rack Safe Clamps

The ground breaking Rhino Safe Clamps (pictured to left) have revolutionised the ladder clamp market. The simple push down pull up yellow lever lock and release 5 times faster than traditional, laborious screw-down ladder clamps. A real time saver before and after any job. Also includes integrated key locks (and 2 keys) to protect your ladder investment. Just 49.99 (normally 59.99) when ordered with one of our ladders.

Anvil Ladder Guard
Anvil Ladder Guard

Anvil Ladder Guard (pictured to left) Our Anvil Ladder Guard has been designed specifically to prevent unauthorised access to your ladder. An essential piece of kit when on building sites, ensuring that you remain Health & Safety compliant, and equally at home in the domestic market where unauthorised ladder access can cause serious injury or unwanted access to your upstairs windows. Just 99.99 (normally 109.99 on its own) when ordered with one of our ladders.

Ladder Angle
Ladder Angle

Ladder Angle (pictured to left) to ensure that you are using your ladder at the correct and safe pitch of 76, just 9.99 (normally 14.99 on its own) when ordered with one of our ladders.


Our Laddertag is specially designed to help you comply with the latest Health & Safety Legislation. Robust and highly visible, they are a necessity for site work our Laddertags can be used with either our trade EN131 ladders or our BS2037 Class 1 Ladders. We offer several bundles starting from just 9.99, all at discounted prices when ordered with a BPS ladder.

2 Section Industrial Extension Ladder
Select Your Ladder Size Here:
Select Your Optional Discounted Ladder Essentials Below:
Complete Ladder Stand Off 49.99 39.99
Anvil Roof Rack Clamps 24.99 14.99
Rhino Roof Rack Safe Clamps 59.99 49.99
Anvil Ladder Guard 109.99 99.99
Ladder Angle 14.99 9.99
Laddertag Complete Box Set (x10 Holders, x20 Inserts) 69.99 59.99
Laddertag Large Company Set (x5 Holders, x10 Inserts) 39.99 34.99
Laddertag Medium Company Set (x3 Holders and x8 Inserts) 26.99 22.99
Laddertag Small Company Set (x2 Holder and x6 Inserts) 19.99 16.99
Laddertag Individual User Set (x1 Holder, x4 Inserts) 12.99 9.99
2 Section Industrial Extension Ladder
RRP up to: 419.99


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Home |  Ladders |  Extension Ladders |  2 Section Industrial Extension Ladders

*All prices include VAT except Industrial Products & these are clearly marked
** There will be a small delivery charge to the Scottish Highlands on some of our larger products - please proceed to checkout for details or contact us
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